High Temperature Nylon Film Products

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-Custom Sizes

-Heat Resistance
-Gas and Aroma Barrier Tensile Strength
-Moisture Permeability
-Flex Crack Resistance
-Grease and Oil Barrier
-Burst Strength
-Tear Resistance
-Puncture Resistance

Nylon Film Bags and Lay-flat Tubing

Kenclave 6405
-Blend of Nylon 6 and heat stabilized 6,6 -Dry heat or steam autoclaves
-Heat resistance to 300OF -Dental device sterilization
-High moisture permeability -Veterinarian device sterilization
-High tensile strength/flex crack resistance -Medical device packaging

Kenylon 6250
-Nylon 6 -Clean room packaging
-Tremendous abrasion resistance -Food processing casings
-Good gas and aroma barrier -Cook and chill bags
-Resistant to grease, oils and chemicals -Cast acrylic rod forms

Kenylon 6250A
-Antistatic Nylon 6 -Clean room packaging
-Abrasion resistance -Electronics/aerospace packaging
-No sloughing -Packaging of ultrapure gas and water systems

Kenylon 6400
-Blend of Nylon 6 and heat stabilized 6,6 -Home cooking bags
-Heat resistance to 350OF -Institutional cooking bags
-Designed specifically as oven cooking bag -Food processing

Kenylon 6425
-Heat stabilized Nylon 6 -Solvent recovery still liners
-Gas, grease and chemical barrier -Hot fill drum liners

Kenylon 6450
-Heat stabilized Nylon 6 -Composite parts vacuum bagging
-Soft feel, good hand -Industrial autoclaves
-Heat resistant to 400OF -Circuit board curing

Kenylon 6500
-Nylon 6,6 -Food casings
-High heat deflection temperature -Aerospace composite curing
-Heat resistant to 400OF -Circuit board curing
-Dry Heat Autoclaves

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